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The Gaula season is getting closer….Yes, the river is under ice, the mountains are deeply covered with snow, and it is very quiet in the Gaula valley. But while the river sleeps we are busy preparing for a season that is just four months away.

So What’s New in 2023? Our regular guests will notice that we have improved Beat E1a by leasing the water just upriver. We now have fishing from a bit below the Kvål Bridge. That means we can fish the whole gravel Island as well as the neck flowing into the first small pool. Especially for the early season, it’s a valuable upgrade, but also useful should the water level drop at some point during the season. The rest of our beats will remain the same as most of last season.

Space Available for 2023 Season!

Many of you who follow us on social media, or visit our website, have seen that we had a great season in 2022. We were finally able to welcome back all our international guests to enjoy a “normal” Norwegian summer. Like most of you, we’re happy for Norway and the Gaula to get back to normal as well!

The snow pack in the mountains is about average for this time of year. Although there is still a lot of winter left, and there are no guarantees, a healthy snow pack promises good water levels throughout much of the season.

2023 Rods Are Still Available

Much of the 2023 season is already fully booked, but we still have a few open rods in weeks 22 and 23 during the early season. For experienced salmon anglers, these early weeks of high water are a great time for just big fish!

Opening week salmon from the 2022 season.

We have several openings in weeks 31 and 32 at the Lodge as well as weeks 33 and 34 at the country house. August 2022 was great in most parts – fishing was often as good as in prime time and we caught several very big fish on our waters. Many anglers don’t realize it, but August often produces the biggest fish of the whole season. If you are looking for something different, we highly recommend you try August.

The Hidden August Season

Christian Tamcke with is August huge August salmon 2022.

You might not always get a bright, completely silver or sea-liced salmon, but fishing with lighter tackle for big fish is really fun. August fishing is generally underrated and misunderstood. Prices are much lower than in June and July, so it’s a great deal for those looking to save or simply want to try something different. The typical “Trønder swing” is what we are used to most of the season. But in August, different techniques can all have success and the challenge is to find out what works best. Small flies, dry flies, hitched flies – you never know what might take a fish. In August, it could just be the fish of a lifetime! August is often much better than one might think.

One of Daniel’s big August fish from the past season.

There’s Still Time – But Not Much!

If you have not booked your fishing yet for 2023 – you still have a chance to secure your spot on the Gaula. Just contact us via email, phone or social media and we will try our best to accommodate you. We are looking forward to another great salmon season and will certainly keep you updated on snow and water conditions. It is still to early to predict anything – except that we can’t wait for the 2023 season to begin!

Contact us to book your spot for the 2023 season.


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Alvaro with a 110cm salmon from August 2022.