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A good start of week 27…

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A good start of week 27…
A good start of week 27…

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

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Our newly arrived fishermen have been lucky, the water dropped during Sunday for the first time this season to a nice level of 55 cm at the Frøseth Gauge, which means, the salmon stop to run as fast as the week before. And immediately quite a few fish were caught.

During the Sunday afternoon Marcus Thomasson has been fishing our Upper Gaula Beat for some casts and caught and released a medium salmon of approx. 4,5kg (10lb). Right after our start meeting Hans E. Wolff caught a grilse on our Lower Gaula Beat E1. Per Nyqvist just wanted to try out a new line and hooked a salmon on Beat D1 – his salmon weighed in with 5,5kg (12 lb).

Also Toby Gray from England had a great start and caught a nice salmon on our Beat C1 on Monday morning. Toby’s fish weighed in with 7,5kg (16.5lb)

This first day produced some more fish, for example one for our guide Daniel Persson, he released a grilse in Beat D1. At noon also our Norwegian guest Ole Martin Braathen has been successful on Beat B2 was able to catch and release a salmon of approx. 4kg (9 lb)

Karsten Kruhl, who fished the season start weeks with us as well and returned for some more fishing on Sunday, fished our Beat B2 and landed a nice fish of 9,3kg (20.5lb). During the day several more fish have been lost by our guests and some more serious takes have been reported, but on the evening it was again Beat C1 where the next 2 fish could be landed. Dr. Werner Brinker caught his first salmon of the week which weighed in with 5.2kg (11.5 lb). he fished together with Ulrich Kamp who caught a nice salmon on the C1 session as well. His fish weighted in with 7.2kg (15.8lb). During the night it started to rain and a Thunderstorm dominated the Gaula valley for a short whilst heavy rainfalls came down. The river rose about 25 cm and got now a better fishing colour (cognac) which is better for us than the gin clear water during the last days. Now the river drops again and we hope that it will quickly fall to a level of 60 cm which would improve the fishing considerably after a little delay caused by the new rain falls which once again brought the river up to a level during which the fish prefer to run fast.

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