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A little slower fishing on the NFC Beats, but some good fish have been caught

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A little slower fishing on the NFC Beats, but some good fish have been caught
A little slower fishing on the NFC Beats, but some good fish have been caught

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

Andre Scholz  (photo)
Oliver Oelze  (photo)
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Dropping and quickly rising water as we experience it at the moment,does not improve the fishing but anyway, our fishermen catching fish and some nice fish have been taken as well. This morning it was again Andre Scholz who caught a good fish on our Bogen Sondre Beat, this fish weighed in with 7,3kg (16.06lb). On the same Beat Andreas Kriedemann was shortly later able to land his next fish, a good grilse about 3kg (6.5lb).

Andre Scholz caught a grilse on our Upper Gaula Beat and Marcus Bohlin from Sweden was able to catch and release a good fish on the same beat, he estimated to weigh his salmon about 7,5kg (15.5lb). Another medium and fresh fish have been caught by Andreas Strassmann, the fish weighed in with 5,6kg (12.32lb). So it was Oliver Oelze again, he caught a sea liced medium salmon which weighed in with 5,9kg (13lb) on Beat B1. Also Stefano Mantegazza caught his next fish on our Bogen Sondre Beat BS2, which weighed in with 4,2kg (9.25lb)

The following fish were all grilse caught by Werner Schläpfer, Joachim Ruthmann, Winfried Holtkamp, Evandro Kürsteiner and Mauricio Corti. But Mauricio has been lucky and caught a 2nd fish on the same day on one of our Free for all beats – he estimated to weigh his salmon about 7kg (15.5lb) before he released the fish.

Andreas Strassmann from Switzerland landed a salmon of 3,2kg (7lb) and Mauricio Corti caught a nice fish again on the next day on Beat D1. The salmon weighed in with 7,8kg (17.16lb). Also Werner Schläpfer from Switzerland caught a medium sized fish on one of our free for all beats which he released carefully. He estimated to weigh the salmon about 5kg (11lb).

The fishing this week has been quite difficult, but hopefully the weather will be more stabile during the next days, we would like to see the water level dropping more constantly which would definitely help to improve the fishing again. There is still more than one week left this season for some nice catches – hopefully things improve and we are able to present some good back end results and pictures on our news during the next days.

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