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NFC is 327 days into the 2017 season!
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Conservation Message
Conservation Message

NFC is considered the spearhead of the catch-and-release salmon fishing on the Gaula river; we actively promote catch & release (or Live-Release) fishing. Over 65% of all fish caught on NFC water in 2012 were released. NFC supports salmon conservation projects in cooperation with The North Atlantic Salmon Fund, The Atlantic Salmon Federation and Redd Villaksen. As well as NFC has recently joined the 1% for the Planet initative, meaning we will donate 1% of our revenue to a non profit convservation organization- this is one way to know that part of your fishing holiday goes towards protecting the river and the fish we all love.

How we promote our philosophy

NFC actively promotes education in regard to live-release or catch-and-release fishing.  As well as working with conservation groups to protect wild Atlantic salmon from the consequences of fish farming, overfishing and environmental impacts. 

We feel that it is our responsibility to promote environmental stewardship in the river, as well as to try to make a greater conservation impact on the various issues faced by wild salmon today.

Live Release

Showing how to properly resuscitate a fish prior to release.

As an effort to promote C&R fishing NFC has partnered with Patagonia to sponsor a Catch & Release contest for all of our guests for the 2013 season. More on this will be announced soon- we will keep you posted!

Photo: Daniel Goez

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