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Country Houses

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Country Houses
Country Houses

For those coming in a group of 2 or more (up to 7), or for the individual fisherman who would like a more independent schedule and the ability to cook for him/herself, we recommend booking one of our recently renovated country houses. Here one can cater for oneself or choose to have meals at our lodge. With a varied fishing schedule this is a good option to be able to operate at ones own pace. Depending on the individual country house, this option also provides walking distance access to some of our beats.

Bogen Søndre (English House)

Located on the Bogen Søndre farm, with river views of our Bogen Søndre 2 Beat (BS2), the "English House" is one of the oldest fishermen's accommodation houses on the Gaula River. Dating from 1837, it was built to acommodate some of the first groups of Englishmen who came to fish the Gaula. Today the house has been renovated to modern standard, and has capacity for 6-7 fishermen without losing the rustic charm of a traditional English fisherman's lodge. 

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