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Fishing is a challenge on the Gaula right now

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Fishing is a challenge on the Gaula right now
Fishing is a challenge on the Gaula right now

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

Franz Hochecker  (photo)
Mirjana Is  (photo)
Mirjana With  (photo)
..Nice To  (photo)
Per Heikkilä  (photo)
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The fishing on the Gaula has not improved during the last days as we had hoped for, but a few good fish have been taken by our guests. For example Franz Hochecker from Austria has been lucky on his first day after arrival and was able to catch a good fish which weighed in with 8,9kg (19.3lb).

Also our finish guest Asko Hakonen caught and released his personal record fish, weighing about 10kg /22 lb already on Monday morning on our Beat C2.

Playing a good fish on Beat C2

Asko Hakonen with his female-salmon which he estimated to weigh about10kg (22lb).

Per Heikkilä from Sweden had a good session on our Bogen Sondre Beat, within 2 hours fishing he caught 2 fish.

Mirjana Pavlic who is fishing with us for the second time this season, has returned and started the new week with a salmon from the Bogen Sondre Beat. She released her salmon which she estimated to weigh about 3,5kg (7-8lb) carefully after taking some pictures.

Franz Hochecker caught his next fish on Beat B1, his fish weighed in with 3,5kg (7.7lb) Also Håkan Norling has been fishing with us for two days and he lost during his short stay two fish on our Beat D1 – one of the fish Håkon reported, was a very large fish that took high up in the pool and was not moving for exciting 5 minutes, but got lost shortly afterwards. Another fish took the fly right at the tail out of the pool and was enormously powerfull and eventually broke his line. No doubt, this was a big fish. Some new catch reports came in today, also fresh medium sized fish, so hopefully the last days of our salmon season on the Gaula will be as good as the backend of the last season. We will keep you updated soon.

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