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Good Fishing on the NFC Beats both below and above Gaulfossen!

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Good Fishing on the NFC Beats both below and above Gaulfossen!
Good Fishing on the NFC Beats both below and above Gaulfossen!

Publié le: 29 juin 2015 20:55

Week 26 turned out to be good week on NFC waters. A great group of American anglers visited us for the first time and we were able to land some nice salmon included some big and fat fish! So far this season each week seems to start off with high water - and so did this past week as well. Sunday started off quite slowly - but Monday, the “ice broke” as the first fish of the week were landed. The fish-catching started of at Beat L1 in Lundamo, where John Hoagland was able to catch and release his first Gaula salmon!

John Hoagland with a fresh fish from Beat L1.

Justin Miller, from the travel department of The Fly Shop out of Redding, California, was another one of the guests fishing with us this week, and it did not take long until he hooked up with his first Gaula salmon! Again E2 produced a nice fish! Justin’s first Gaula salmon weighed approxiamtely 8kg.  

On Tuesday the fishing continued to improve. In the early morning Phil Monahan started the day with a good fish on Beat BS1 (above Gaulfossen). Phil estimated his salmon to weigh about 9kg.

Phil Monahan with his fish from BS1 – approx. 9kg.

Bogen Søndre (BS) seemed to be the place to be that day. Just a few hours later, photographer and NFC regular, Matt Harris landed a fantastic fish in the same pool. Matt’s fish weighed in at about 11kg  - and was also the biggest fish of the week.

Matt Harris with his big female salmon – well done Matt!

Also on the beat below, BS2,we were able to land one great fish that day. Once again, Justin Miller was able to land his 2nd fish in 2.5 days of fishing. A good start to fishing the Gaula. Justin’s 2nd salmon was estimated to weigh about 9kg and he said it was a great fight!

Paul Weibe, who had earlier in the week landed a fish, caught another medium sized salmon on Beat E2 – sea-liced and super fresh!

A happy angler with his first Gaula silver – congrats Paul!

Dmitry Dolzdov, Loop ambassador to Russia, who was here filming with us (footage to come later this summer!) was also able to land a medium sized fish on the same beat a bit later on the same day.

Dmitry with his fish from Beat E2.

After quite a few novice salmon anglers had already landed fish, we celebrated with our “post-midsummer night” party down at the E-Beat with all guests with a big Bonfire.

Beers and BBQ on the lower Gaula.

The next day was a good day for Taylor Edrington of Royal Gorge Anglers, in Colorado. After loosing one good fish on the E-Beats, Taylor was finally able to land his next fish in Beat E3 – a silver beauty of about 9kg. 

Taylor Edrington with a perfect salmon from Beat E3.

Also John Bleh had a great session at Langøy (Beat B1) in the Støren area. He caught 2 fish during the morning session, the first 1 was a smaller salmon of approx. 4kg, the 2nd one double the size!

John releases his fish – a great fish and a great shot!

In the evening it was again Taylor who was able to land a cracking fish on the very same beat - even bigger than his fish from the day before. Taylor’s fish managed to run out of the pool (B1) and was landed in Renna (B2)- the beat below! Gaula salmon are strong this season…

Taylor and his cracking fish! Absolutely stunning! Well done, Taylor!

Also Mortan Carlsen caught a fish of about 7kg on Beat E2 and John Bleh landed his next salmon of about 7kg, this time from Beat L1. 

Regular guest, and long-time NFC friend, Andreas Grass from Germany was able to land a big fish on Beat BS2 during the night - really fat fish measuring 98cm.

Andreas releasing his great fish. Always nice to see them go again.

NFC’s Daniel Stephan took a break from work at the Lodge and managed to catch a good fish on Beat L2.

Daniel and his fish from Beat L2 – weighing 9kg.

The week ended with two good salmon; one for Alessio Farloni of Italy, during the night from Saturday to Sunday on Beat E2, which weighed approx.8kg; and another one for Matt Harris on Sunday afternoon on Beat B1. 

Matt’s 2nd fish during his stay – about 8kg from Beat B1.

It has been a good week and its great to see that a good number of fish have been caught above the Gaulfossen rapids now. So now we can fish now the whole river which is a lot more fun than just concentrate on the lower beats. Two day ago also the 2nd fish over 20kg has been landed in the Lundamo-area. So some really big fish are around this summer!

...and Nr. 2: Justin together with Guide Simon Kitcher.

Week 27 has just started and it’s supposed to be a good one! 


Attention: From mid/end of July we still have some vacancies and this could be a great time to come. Its does not look like will experience low water any time soon – so if you are interested, just get in touch!

We will keep you updated.


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