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Happy Holidays from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club!

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Happy Holidays from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club!
Happy Holidays from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club!

Publié le: 17 décembre 2015 23:44

Winter on the Gaula.

Finally the winter has arrived in the Gaula valley. The first snow has fallen, and blanketed the valley in a peaceful white cloak.  We just wanted to take the chance to wish you all a very merry holiday season and wishing you all the best for the coming year in 2016!

As we have already mentioned, we were able to add new water into our fishery for the 2016 season. We have made some hard decisions, but have ultimately substituted some of the mediocre water to much better fly fishing water. We are now proud to announce that only steps from the lodge we have over 1 km of double bank fishing, which will include Granøien- the beautiful pool just below the Grana bridge, which is the pool just below Lodge Pool. 

Here is Per Sr. playing his big „scouting“ fish on our new Granøien beat!

Those of you who were fishing with us this summer in week 28 might even have spied us „scouting“ the pool with our resident water-scouter, Per Arneberg Sr. At 85 years old, he is a keen salmon fisherman, and can read water like the best of them! Which one can clearly see from his impressive catch during our scouting!

A big female salmon, caught and released on by Per Arneberg Sr. on our new beat.

Many of you have fished the opposite bank of Granøien, as we had the lease of  the left bank (below the Grana bridge,  the steep bank). Now we are proud to be able to add the much more attractive left bank. This beat will fish well in most water levels, especially in high water when the pool only fishes well from the new right bank and in medium to low water from both sides. We are planning to have the new Beat in our rotation during most of the season.

Pictured in the distance is the Granøien beat,

which starts just above the bridge and fishes down along the gravel bank.

We also have some new water below the Gaulfoss, which we are very excited about as well. This will only increase the chances of catching the fish of a lifetime early in the season! We will share some more information about this exciting new piece of water just after the new year, when we have some more maps and info to share.

We are pretty well booked in most of our weeks, but we still have open rods in some weeks and if you have not decided yet or wanted to plan your fishing over the holidays, it would be a good time to contact us soon and plan your salmon fishing trip with us! You are welcome to fish with us!

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Your team at the 

Norwegian Flyfishers Club

Per, Enrico and Daniel


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