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Join us on the Gaula in 2010!

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Join us on the Gaula in 2010!
Join us on the Gaula in 2010!

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

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Of course not every season can be a record season. Catches in 2009 were not as good as those of 2008 – which was a record year for the NFC beats with 2.6 tons of salmon fly landed by our rods. Nonetheless 2009 was a more than satisfactory season in which our guests caught good numbers including many “fish of a lifetime”. The average weight on the Gaula as a whole was 6.2 kg / 13.7 lb and the 10 largest salmon had an average weight of 19.58kg, which is over 43 lb!

The official statistics for the Gaula in 2009 are not available yet but in comparison to other rivers the Gaula proved its great reliability again and catches held up quite well. We estimate the total catch result might be well over 30 tons, which is not inconsiderable! Please take a look at our full season report 2009 by clicking HERE. The prospects for the coming seasons are most exciting. We should see further benefits of the buy-out of the bag nets in the Trondheim Fjord which had been accounting for 80% of all the area’s net-caught fish. A remarkable indicator has been the number of spawning redds counted by helicopter in one particular section of the Gaula. In 2004, the last year before the buy-out, there were 250 spawning redds counted. In 2005, the first year with the buy-out in effect, the number increased to 500. And in 2008 the number of spawning redds had jumped to over 1000!

We have high hopes for the 2010 season as the five year salmon cycle is completed for the first time after the buy out. Starting from 2005, the first year that benefited the spawning stocks due to largely reduced bag nets, the hugely increased spawning should be clearly reflected in the runs in 2010.

We would be pleased to welcome you next summer on the Gaula. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible; that way we are more likely to be able to accommodate you during the week(s) which suit you best. We very much look forward to hearing from you. Your team at the Norwegian Flyfishers Club ----------------------------------------------- Ps.:We would like to inform you that we have opened an account on last weekend, just search for the Norwegian Flyfishers Club and become a “fan” and join the team! For a full 2009 season report please click HERE New Video: New Clip from our Upper Gaula Beat

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