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NFC Environment and Club Photos

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NFC Environment and Club Photos
NFC Environment and Club Photos
Langøy Shelter  (photo)
Eggafossen  (photo)
Eiafossen  (photo)
June Double-Up  (photo)
Laksebu  (photo)
Midge times  (photo)
Pure Nature  (photo)
Rod tree  (photo)

A collection of photos that show you the environment at the NFC and some of the experiences to be shared.


Sometimes a few fish are able to pass up the Eggafossen below. But at the Eiafossen, a few kilometers further upstream, the spawning journey of the Gaula salmon ends.

Photo: Michael Müller

Gathered by the Fire

Celebrating the last hours of the 2012 season with a bonefire on the beach at Langøy. 

Midge times

Old regulars Tim & Bruce preparing for a "Midge night"...

Why is it that sometimes the best fishing comes on the buggiest nights?

Renna Pool during a flood

The Gaula is an untamed river, which can rise quickly to unweilding proportions. But, believe it or not, the next day the river was fishable again and we caught fish in our high water pools!

River Barbecue at the E-Beats

From 2012 we began hosting impromptu barbecues at the E-beats during the early season fishing. This is a tradition we will certainly continue!

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