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Our Mission Statement

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Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement

NFC was established over 25 years ago with a focus on preserving wild Atlantic salmon fishing on the Gaula River through the establishment of a Norwegian company. The aim of which would be to secure long-term fishing leases to protect portions of the river. NFC is now the leaseholder of over 12 kilometers of prime flyfishing waters on the Gaula. Our goal is to promote the conservation and protection of wild Atlantic salmon through education, management and collaboration with salmon conservation organizations. Our aim is to advocate the sustainment and growth of the wild Atlantic salmon stock of the Gaula River so that this natural resource can be appreciated for generations to come, and to help continue to support the regional community through the eco-tourism industry that the river naturally promotes. To achieve these goals, NFC works with various salmon conservation organizations within Norway and worldwide. At NFC we promote catch-and-release fishing as a way to promote a healthy wild Atlantic salmon population.

Tag from a Gaula salmon

This is what a tag from a salmon looks like. If you land a tagged fish we ask you kindly take a close-up photgraph of the tag-number. We can then send this information to NINA (Norsk Institutt for Naturforskning - Norwegian Conservation Institute) who will provide us with all the relevant information regarding this fish. This is not only important information for NINI to collect and use in their research, but interesting for us at NFC as well as for our guests.

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