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SEASON START 2009 – some vacant rods left!!!

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SEASON START 2009 – some vacant rods left!!!
SEASON START 2009 – some vacant rods left!!!

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

Dear Fly Fishers, Here are the latest news from the Gaula: The prospects for the season start at midnight, the 1st June are looking better and better every day. The warm April weather is followed by a nice May and the development of nature is about 2 - 3 weeks earlier than last year. Impressive numbers of salmon have been running the rivers of the Trondheim Fjord already. Fish count stations in neighbouring rivers have already counted 10-15% more fish than last year. The observed fish were mainly in the 7- 13 kg (15 -30 lb.) range, but a few ones were estimated at 20 kg + (over 40 lb).

Today we measured 7°C water temperature and 1,15 at the Fröseth Gauge (approx. 188 m3/sec.) this means that salmon have definitely passed through Gaulfossen into the middle reaches and we can expect a very exciting season start with fish spread over most of our pools, including our Rognes water and Bogen Sondre and possibly a few as well as high as our Upper Gaula Beat. The water was very clear, both in the lower and upper Gaula. Conditions look like we might get even better fishing than we experienced at the season start last year. Please check on this website at “seasons” and than season 2008. This means a really huge chance for this years participants to catch one ore more of the very big June fish – fresh, sea liced - as nice as they come. And there is a chance for a battle with a real monster. If you belong to the few lucky ones which are able to get away on short notice and join us for the season start you should definitely contact us as soon as possible – we can probably fit you in. Please give us a call on ++49-40-5892302 or send us an email to Your team of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club

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