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Slower fishing during mid week on the Gaula

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Slower fishing during mid week on the Gaula
Slower fishing during mid week on the Gaula

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

Daniel’S Fish  (photo)
Olivier Playing  (photo)
Olivier With  (photo)
During the last few days the fishing slowed somewhat down on the Gaula. The promising numbers of running fish which we had in the beginning of the week did not increase as we had hoped. The water level dropped now back to a normal summer water level after the flood and the rise on Monday. Olivier Plasseraud has caught a very good fish, fresh and well conditioned, after a hard battle on Beat B1. He estimated the fish to weigh about 10,5kg (23lb).

Daniel Persson has been fishing our Beat D2 and was able to catch and release a female salmon which he estimated to weigh about 9kg (20lb).

Also some grilse have been taken during the course of the week, for example from Roland Puff, Hans Fischer, Allan Philipps and George Lawrence. John Stub caught his next fish on Beat D2, which he estimiarted to weigh about 4,5kg (9lb). Yesterday Oliver Plasseraud fished our Upper Gaula Beat, he was the first rod fishing up there after the flood and he was able to catch and release a medium sized fish of approx. 4,5kg (9lb) slightly coloured, but still a nice fish.

Peter Hansen was hooking a big fish as well on Beat A1. After two takes on the Home Pool he had another take and this time the fish was hooked. After a very hard fight he landed a salmon about 10 kg (22lb) but sadly the fish had missed the fly and was hooked outside his mouth. Of course Peter released the fish as fast as possible. NFC’s Daniel Stephan hooked a very big fish on Beat E2 on the lower Gaula. Daniel said the fish took the fly in the very top of E2 and just turned and ran down to the following Beat E3, there he went very deep and the line got stuck and 2 hooks were bend. Daniel was very impressed after this „take off“ of 150 meters in high speed! He just saw the fish short in the surface while running downstream and estimated the fish over 15kg (30lb-35lb). Even despite he used strong tackle and tried to hold the fish hard – he couldn’t do anything…he said it might have been an even bigger fish than his fish from last years June… Our fishermen see a good deal of fish showing in our pools but there seem to be less fish showing than usual at this time of the year. We hope the dropped water level, which is now at about 40 cm on the Froseth Gauge will result in more taking fish in those of our pools which fish well in this water level.

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