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Some fresh sea liced fish were caught on the NFC Beats during the last days

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Some fresh sea liced fish were caught on the NFC Beats during the last days
Some fresh sea liced fish were caught on the NFC Beats during the last days

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

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The last week ended with a couple of grilse caught by Roland Puff, Peter Hansen and George Lawrence. Also on our Bogen Sondre Beat some fish have been caught from Mark Fullford who caught his first salmon ever, which weighed in with 3,5kg (7.7lb). Also Neil Fullford was able to catch two grilse on Bogen Sondre. The biggest fish on the last day of the week has been caught again by Olivier Plasseraud on Beat C1. Olivier estimated to weigh his female salmon, which he carefully released, about 10kg (22lb), the fish measured 99cm.

Olivier is the editor of the French „Salmo Truite Magazine” and during the last week he caught fish of the following impressive sizes: 5kg/ 11lb + 8,5kg/ 18.7 lb. + 10+kg/ 22 lb + 4,5kg /10lb. + 10+kg/22 lb.. Olivier was employing mostly sink line tactics which clearly produced some larger fish during a difficult week. He was writing to us after he returned back to France, giving the following very interesting comment: “This was one of my most interesting fishing trip so far, on a pure technical fishing tactic point of view. I did not find (again !) the kind of low warm water conditions I expected to test some light tackle tricks, but I had a great time as I could really test and compare my previous personal theories about what works more or less (mostly about fly speed and depth or best parts of pools to concentrate on) when the going gets tough, as far as the difference between grilse and big salmon fishing is concerned...and as long as the comparison of numbers and sizes between my results and the others makes any statistic sense. Probably, the lack of 2 SW medium size fish, (which add confusion as they have a kind of "intermediate" behaviour between grilse and 3 SW big ones, according to my precarious personal theory) helped me to sort it out more clearly than I ever could on an "average" year or river.” The new week started on Sunday evening and Jörgen Olofsson from Sweden started the new week with a sea liced grilse from Beat D2. Also on Beat C2 two fish have been caught and released on this evening, another grilse by Gert Pettersson and a small salmon of approx. 3kg (6.5lb) by Torbjörn Berggård. On the next morning Lars Bryngelsson was able to land a medium sized salmon which weighed in with 5,2kg (12.1lb). The next grilse have been caught again by Jörgen Olofsson on Beat D1. Very interesting is that all grilse which have been caught since yesterday, have all been covered in sea lice. That means, a run of fresh fish has entered the river and we hope that more fresh fish will run the Gaula during the next days. If you want to see whole seasons report click >>here<<

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