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Summer arrived on the Gaula!

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Summer arrived on the Gaula!
Summer arrived on the Gaula!

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

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Since the start of the week the weather got better and better and the water has been dropping after the big flood, but remained for several days on a level between 110m³/sec. – 140m³/ sec. and never came lower than 75cm at the Fröseth Gauge which is for us not a good level and means most of the fish are running very fast. Our fishermen see now a lot of fish running through the pools but they don’t stop and don’t take the flies very well at the moment.

Of course some of our fishers are lucky, for example Ottar Bang who just arrived on Wednesday morning and 3 hours later he caught his first fish - other fishermen have been fishing hard and did not have the luck which was needed this week until now. One of them is François Leobon who landed a nice fish of about 8 kg / 17lb today in bright sun on one of our free for all pools, he put his rod aside to get a grip on the fish and the salmon used the chance to jump back and got free! In the meantime also Takeshi Iwamori has been successful again and was able to catch and release two more salmon on our beat E2.

It’s still difficult fishing on the whole river, not as good as expected, but we hope that the nice summer weather brings the river down to a more suitable water level. As soon as we reach a level of 60cm at the Gauge, the fishing should improve as the up streams run will slow down and the salmon will be much better takers. We should not forget that it is still June fishing and it always has happened that some weeks are difficult – but we all know things can change very fast- within a few hours…!!! :::::Off topic but important: The End of the Line:::::: Merciless commercial over-fishing has brought us into a situation where the natural stocks of ocean fish are rapidly decreasing. This issue is relevant to everyone but compared to other global issues this one can be solved by constant public support and governmental actions. – In critical perspective of this development the idea of the Film "End of the Line" was brought to live.Now the Movie has been released about a week ago and is spreading the Message to the world and we would like to encourage you – regardless if fishermen or not – to support this Film. By supporting it and telling other people about it and the subject itself the first step is done. So please copy this message and help us telling the World. Please find more information’s and accesses to the Trailer by clicking on the link below. End of the Line:

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