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The water flow of the Gaula changes all the time like a yo-yo, but the fishing is not bad….

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The water flow of the Gaula changes all the time like a yo-yo, but the fishing is not bad….
The water flow of the Gaula changes all the time like a yo-yo, but the fishing is not bad….

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

Alberto Gianini  (photo)
Andre Is  (photo)
Andre Scholz  (photo)
George English  (photo)
Graham With  (photo)
…landed  (photo)
Phil Proctor  (photo)
Tony Richards  (photo)
Tony Richards  (photo)
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The Gaula is rising and dropping quickly all the time. Heavy rainfalls and sunny periods all can be seen changing several times a day. This has been the weather during the last days. But our guests are catching quite some fish and some of them are sea liced and really fresh. A couple of more grilse have been caught by Werner Tennie, Sven Nedved and Wolfgang Wehnemann by the middle of last week. Also Andre Scholz arrived again his 2nd time this season on Thursday and he had right away some good days on our Upper Gaula Beat. He was able to catch and release a very well conditioned hen fish weighing about 10,5kg (23lb) on light tackle. The following pictures are showing the hard fight on the upper river…

Andre had 2 more medium sized fish from our Upper Gaula Beat – one weighing approx. 4kg (9lb) which he released as well and a salmon of 6,2 kg (13,65lb) which he had to keep, because it was bleeding. As promised we would like to show you the pictures of our English party around Graham Wanless. They had good days on our water. Graham caught 3 fish during his short stay, 6,8kg (15lb), approx. 4kg (9lb) and a grilse of 2,5kg (5.5lb) .

Also Grahams friends who fished the Gaula the first time had some good fish, for example Tony Richards who caught 3 salmon as well. 8,2kg (18lb), approx. 4kg (9lb), and 4,5kg (10lb). Their friend Phil Proctor caught a salmon of 4 kg (9lb) as well and George English had a good grilse approx. 3 kg (6.5lb). Below some pictures of the lads…

Our group on our Bogen Sondre Beat, the party around Mauro Raspini, caught some fish as well, the biggest fish has been caught by Alberto Gianini and weighed in with 8kg (17.6lb).

Also our other fishermen in the rotation have been doing quite well, for example Sven Nedved who was able to land a salmon of 7,5kg (16.5lb) on our Beat B1. Ewald Langwieser caught also his first Gaula salmon on beat C2 which weighed in with 4kg (8.8lb). On our Lower Gaula Beat Oliver Oelze had a fresh fish of 3,2kg (7lb) and Andre Scholz caught his 4th fish in 4 days on Beat C2 – weighing approx. 4 kg (9lb) – a very fresh fish which he released carefully. On the Sunday evening the water began to rise again so it was quiet until Monday morning. Andreas Kriedemann started the newly started week with a salmon which weighed in with 7kg (15.4lb). Andreas Strassmann from Switzerland caught a salmon of approx. 3kg (6.5lb). Daniel Persson had a fresh fish from our Bogen Sondre Beat BS2. Daniel released the salmon as usual carefully and estimated the fresh fish to weigh about 4,5 kg (10lb). On the late evening the water began to rise again because of very heavy rainfalls during the whole night. This ended up yesterday at noon with a level of 1,70m at the Fröseth Gauge! But as fast as the water rose it was dropping again and right now and we are back to a level of 60cm this evening. And the first fish after the spate have been already been caught. The reports will be following soon.

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