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This week started well on our beats!

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This week started well on our beats!
This week started well on our beats!

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

Olivier Playing  (photo)
Olivier With  (photo)
Olivier With  (photo)
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Thies Reimers  (photo)
Although the fishing so far this season has not been as sensational good as last season, we are just experiencing a good season on our beats. Last week each rod fishing with us caught approximately 0,5 salmon per day, although we had difficult conditions with the highest flood of the year within this week! The Gaula rose from 37m3/sec. up to 920m3/sec. within 24 hours, but became again fishable after one day. Also this week, starting Sunday evening started quite well. Our French guest Olivier Plasseraud, who is back for a second fishing trip with us this season, caught the first salmon of the week after 2 hours fishing on Beat D1. He landed a fresh medium sized and quite fresh fish on Beat D1, weighing approx. 5kg (11lb), which he released carefully.

Today at noon Olivier hooked his 2nd fish of the week on Beat B1, this fish was very fresh and Olivier released it as well. His 2nd fish Olivier estimated to weigh about 8,5kg (18.5lb).

Also Thies Reimers, who is fishing the first time on our Beats, just needed 2 hours of fishing until he was able to land his first salmon on our beats! Thies fished on our Beat A2 and caught and released a good fish, which he estimated to weigh about 8kg (17.5lb)

Our Canadian guest John Stub caught a little earlier on Sunday evening a slightly coloured hen fish which he estimated to weigh about 7,5kg (16.5lb). He released the fish carefully after taking this quick picture.

On this morning our German guests Roland Puff and Hans Fischer had a good morning on Beat B1. Roland was able to release first a grilse and shortly afterwards he caught a second salmon which weighed in with 4kg (8.8lb). Hans Fischer was able to catch and release a grilse as well. Both grilse were estimated to weigh about 2,5kg (5.5lb). The first 24 hours of the week are not over yet and already some nice fish have been taken by our fishermen, almost the half of the fishing rods has already caught a fish which is a quite good result! We hope the last rise of the water yesterday during the early morning has given now the impulse for more fish to run the river. It looks like this is the case, as also the other fishermen had contacts and lost fish in different pools. A number of fresh fish seem to have newly arrived and it looks like more grilse are running now which is highly welcome. We still have a number of rods vacant for the last weeks of the season which ends on August 31. You are very welcome to join us. Just email us at or phone us on ++47-91393498. If you want to see whole seasons report click >>here<<

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