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Week 29 with further nice catches from the NFC Beats

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Week 29 with further nice catches from the NFC Beats
Week 29 with further nice catches from the NFC Beats

Publié le: 16 avril 2013 18:16

..And Releasing  (photo)
Approx. 10Kg  (photo)
Can Is  (photo)
Can Sozcu  (photo)
Fabrice Hooked  (photo)
Fabrice Is  (photo)
Finally Landed!  (photo)
Frederic Andre  (photo)
...nice spots!!  (photo)
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The week continues with nice catches on our Beats. The number of fish caught is not as high as usual at his time of the season, but the average weight is quite high and the big fish which are taken are all very fresh and beautiful fish. We just got a few pictures from our French regular guest Fabrice Bergues who is now fishing with us his second week this year. He had some really good last days on our water. For example on the following pictures Fabrice is playing a nice fish on our Beat B1 on the 11th of July.

Also our first time visitor Jean Claude Revilliac was able to catch and release his first salmon on our Beats. A medium sized fish, which he estimated to weigh about 4,5kg (10lb) On the same day Fabrice Bergues had great fishing, he caught 3 fish! He started with a meduim sized salmon on Beat B1 which he estimated to weigh about 4,5kg (10lb). Just one hour later he caught a 2nd salmon, which he estimated to weigh about 8,5kg (18.5lb). Later on in the evening he fished our Upper Gaula Beat and has caught his biggest fish during his stay so far – a nice female salmon which weighed approx 10kg (22lb). Fabrice released all his fish carefully as usual.

On the next day Can Sozcu was able to catch his first salmon of the week on Beat B2, a very fresh and beautiful salmon which weighed in with 7,5kg (16.5lb). The salmon swallowed the fly so deep that releasing was out of the question.

Also our American guest Ken Hawkins from New York caught his first Gaula salmon during this afternoon. Ken landed his medium sized fish, which he estimated to weigh about 4,5kg (10lb) on our Upper Gaula Beat. He released the fish carefully. About the same time regular Frederic Andre fished our Beat D1 – he landed a very good fish, which he estimated to weigh about 10kg (22lb). Frederic returned this fish carefully.

During the late afternoon it started to rain heavily higher up in the mountains and the river started to rise in the early evening, especially the tributary Bua river rose a lot, within 1 min more than 1 meter and a „wall“ of water ran into the Gaula and coloured the whole river downstream for a couple of hours. But on the morning it cleared up again, very quick - as usual for the Gaula - and we hope the rise will motivate some more fish to move and fill the pools with newly arriving fish.

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