The Bua Beat D2b is 2 km long and has 11 fishable pockets.

The Bua Beats (right bank) is new since 2020. It’s an exiting addition to our Bua Bridge Pool (D2c) and together it makes the new Bua Rotation Beat. The stretch on the lower part of the Bua are several small Pool which are all fishing nicely in most water levels. Just park at the “P” signs and make your way down to the Pool, fish it and go the next one. You find all “P” signs on the NFC google map link which you got per Email.


Lower Bridge Pool

The lower Bridge Pool is the first pool, which the salmon reach when they leave the Gaula river. You only need a few casts to cover this pool. The hot spots are around the big rock, just below the bridge, and the area around the tailout. This pool needs a medium to low water level (below 8 m³).


Island Pool

The Island Pool does fish well from low to high water levels (below 10m³). Even though the top of the pool does look very interesting, is the middle and lower part of the pool most productive.


Chicken Farm

The Chicken Farm is a set of 5 pockets. The upper 3 pockets are most productive in a medium to low water level and the lower 2 pockets are best in medium to high water level (below 10m³). The first, third and fifth pocket are the most productive. The taking spot in the first pocket is most of the time in the tailout. In the third pocket the fish tend to stop around the bigger rock in the middle of the pocket. In the fifth pocket the taking spot is in the little mirror on the left side of the pocket. Make sure the fish don’t leave the lowest pocket, following down the river is not possible.


Blue M

The Blue M is a set of 3 pockets. The first and the third pocket are fishing best in medium to low water (below 8m³) and the second pocket is most productive in low water. In the first and third pocket the fish are usually resting around the one big rock in the pocket.


Upper Pool

We do not recommend to fish this pocket. It is very dangerous to get down to the river and the way up is as difficult. If you decide to climb down, it is on your own risk. The upper part of the pocket is usually holding a few fish and the tailout is interesting as well.