E6: Fornesøyen (Upper)

E6 fishes best from the left bank. The beat begins where you will find a border sign, either on our bank or a marker on the other side of the river.

E6: Pool Instructions

High water levels (above 150 m³):

In high water the middle part of the beat fishes well, as there is a “neck” which pours into Beat E7. There is a deep hole at the end of the gravel bar where the neck forms- this tends to hold fish.

The upper part of E6 is very interesting in very high-water conditions (above 300 m³)- as fish can be hooked very close to shore, basically directly in front of the shelter- as they travel upstream through the side channel between the shore and the gravel bar. Start at the upper border and walk your way down along the channel, fishing with short casts, mending upstream, and allowing the fly to sink as deep as possible before swinging to the dangle. No need to wade and move carefully to not spook the fish. The fish hold deep in that narrow channel.

Medium to low levels (150 m³ to 50 m³ and below):

The whole stretch fishes well in these conditions. At this level, the gravel island is exposed, and you should cross the channel up near the upper border, to reach the island. While this is not a classic holding spot, fish are consistently moving upstream through the neck, and there is always a good chance to hook a fresh fish. Make sure to play the fish carefully so you can land them on the island. E6 continues to fish similarly in low water.