A Great Holding Pool

Beat E7a is the lower part of our Beat E7. It is a short stretch above and below the Kvål Bridge. E7a is a double bank and quite deep around the bridge, making it a good holding pool. Especially in August, you see big fish splashing there all the time.

High water levels (150 m³ to 350 m³):

E7a fishes well all the way up to quite high water (350 m³), but anything higher than that we would not advise trying to reach the beat, as one has to cross the inner channel, the same way one reaches E7. In high water fish will lie very close to the bank. However, E7a is not as deep as E7, which means one should fish with lighter sinking lines, or floating lines with heavier sink tips. And make sure to fish the swing all the way around, as fish often take on or close to the dangle,

Medium water levels (130 m³ down to 50 m³):

As the water drops a bit, one should try to fish closer to the opposite bank. Try to get a good swing into your fly to speed it up. In medium levels, E7a fishes quite similar to E7, as the current becomes uniform throughout the entire stretch. Medium sinking lines as well any sort of sink tips work well. The fish will move on the other side (left bank and in the middle of the river), and the fish won’t use the right channel under the bridge anymore. Even directly under the bridge and a bit below it is worth making a few extra casts. Just below the bridge is a big hole, which is difficult to fish but salmon hold there all-season long.

Low water levels (below 50 m³):

In low water, the top part of the right bank fishes well and always holds fish. It is the same as fishing it in medium water. But as soon the water is low enough try from the high bank. The left bank is a great option, often you are able to combine it with fishing E7 from the left bank- which is a nice long run, with good current throughout. Even in low water you can use sinking lines or heavy sink tips, so as to get down to the fish.