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A1: New Pool

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Beats and Pools
A1: New Pool
A1: New Pool

New Pool is one of our best high water pools and fishes well in all higher levels. This pool holds the record for the second largest fish caught at NFC as well as many more great fish. For New Pool the water level cannot be high enough, even in a flood it is most likely fishable and one of the first pools which begins to fish well again after a flood. The pool in higher water is a long stretch, but you never need to fish very deep here. This is because the current is rather slow, and the pool is not so deep - but it still holds many good fish! New Pool is one of the pools where fresh running fish usually stop to rest, at least for a while, so there is a good chance to hook them. New Pool was in the past always a big fish pool, and in this pool there is not much danger of loosing the fish on rocks, so if you hook a big one here there's a great chance to land the fish!

A1: New Pool Instructions

Fishing in High Water Levels:

This pool fishes best in high water, from water levels above 120m³. This pool still even fishes well in water levels above 350m³! Usually in high water you start fishing it (from the right bank) with medium or lighter sinking lines on the top just above where the huts are placed on the opposite bank. In high water levels you can fish the whole way down to where the river divides into two channels, here the water gets too fast and fishing the pool from the right bank stops here. How it will fish from the left bank in higher water we have to find out - as the left bank is new a new addition to the NFC waters starting in the 2013 season! This pool used to be a classic early season and high water spot, so big tube flies are usually the right choice, but as the current is not too fast, flies do not need to be huge. As always, try to fish through the pool several times, rather quickly with different methods. A good taking spot used to be above the powelines. From where there are a few single trees on the left bank the “hot spot” begins up until a bit below the powerlines. This is the area where most fish have been hooked in the last years, but when fish are running takes can come throughout the pool.

Medium Water Levels (below 120m³ down to 60m³):

New pool still fishes well in medium water. The best area is from the top at the start of the gravel bank (right bank) up to the powerlines and a little below the middle part where the channels start to slow down. Fish this part quickly with a stripped fly in case the current gets too slow. Looking from the left bank, the left channel in the lower part of the river fishes well and it is worth a try, but here you need to be careful with splashing lines, otherwise you will spook the fish. In medium levels one should use mostly floating lines, possibly with sink tips or with an intermediate line. Full sinking lines are too heavy for this beat in these water levels.

Low Water Levels (below 60m³)

Concentrate your fishing in low waters in the upper part from the top, to the powerlines, or in the very lower part (the right channel usually has dried out by now). The belly of the pool just below the powerlines might be too slow, but it is always worth trying with a stripped fly. We recommend fishing here once the sun has set. The last hours of the day, the night (July), or the early mornings are the best option in lower water. In these conditions a floating line is the best choice to avoid spooking any weary fish. Fishing from the left bank may be better in low conditions, especially the middle and lower parts. With the ever-changing conditions of the river it is worth giving it a try in the 2013 season.

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