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D2: Junction Pool

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Beats and Pools
D2: Junction Pool
D2: Junction Pool

Junction Pool is probably our shortest pool but it is also one of the most beautiful spots in the river. The pool changes quite a bit each year. The borders are very important here - the pool is quite short but in low and medium water one of our best spots. The border to the beat below (not our beat) is marked by a stake on the gravel bank about half way down the beat. Generally, the lower the water gets, the better it is. We recommend fishing this beat at medium and lower water levels.

D2: Junction Pool Instructions

Fishing in high water levels:

In high water (above 90m³ at Gaulfossen) start as high up as one can wade out, as close to the island in the middle. Be careful, the current in the left channel (white water) is really strong even though it looks shallow. Use a sinking line and cast square, make an upstream mend, and try to let the fly sink down. In high water there are only a couple of meters to fish until you reach the lower border (the marker pole on the gravel bank), the fly should not fish below that line. But in higher levels, as Bua Bridge Pool is also a part of D2, it might be better moving up there so you may rather spend more time up there.

In Medium water levels (below 90 m³ down to 50 m³ at Gaulfossen):

The water is still fast in this water level, but the pool gets better and better the lower it gets, so lines should be sinking or floating with heavy sink tips (easy to mend). The best part is the lower border, just above the border the water creates a mirror, that is the place where the fish usually take. Make sure one fishes in peace with the fishery below. One might talk to them and ask that they start fishing a few meters higher up and one can fish a bit further down, so all can fish the prime taking spot. Fish this pool quickly, try it 2 or 3 times then change to one of the other beats in Beat D2 (Upper Pool or Bua Bridge) and maybe come back after 3 or 4 hours, you will have plenty of time during a 6 hour session.

In Low water levels (below 50 m³):

Start now just below where the island ends, where the two river branches meet. This is one of the great spots! Try to cast to the outer channel and mend the line upstream- trying to hold it a while in the middle. The best part is the 30 meters above the border. Here is a beautiful taking spot around that glassy mirror. Try with floating lines then maybe change to sink tips and try different methods. Cast as close to the other bank as possible, fish often take in the first third of the swing. Fish it 2 or 3 times through then move to beat D2 Upper Pool. Fish this 2 or 3 times for example and come back again to Junction – this has shown to be a good method for a take.

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