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E1: Horse Pool (Left Bank)

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Beats and Pools
E1: Horse Pool (Left Bank)
E1: Horse Pool (Left Bank)

E1 is one of our best pools during the early season and fishes very well in high water. In high water in the first weeks of the season fish it with a heavy sinking line (sink 4/5, 5/6, and heavier); if you hit the bottom in the end of the drift you know you are fishing deep enough! In these conditions the water may be cold, and offcolor, fish deep, slow and with the biggest flies you have. Medium to bigger tube flies in bright colors are the first choice in beginning of June, in darker periods use darker colors. Typical June patterns such as large temple dog flies, green highlander, flom fly, etc. all work well.

E1: Horse Pool

The red post marks the border between E1 and E2. Just above the powerlines, is a typical "hot spot".

E1: Horse Pool Instructions

Drop in just below the island of E1A, the top is faster water but one can catch running fish there. Fish the pool downstream, trying to move quickly so that ones fishing partner has the chance to fish as well. With each pass through the pool one can try out different methods. Be aware that the fish can take all the way down to the border of E2, but around the electrical wires, around 40 to 50 meters above and down until you stand under the wires; this seems to be the hot spot of the pool. Let the fly swing totally around and let it hang on the dangle for a moment! Often fish take the fly in this moment. One can also try to vary the retrieve and move the fly a bit in the end of the drift. 

In lower water and later in the season the pool still fishes well. Throughout the length of the pool there is a good current which creates a nice swing. Do not wade in too far – fish will often take close to shore! In lower water you can use a floating line, which works best with a polyleader or a sink tip. Otherwise use a weighted fly to get into the holding lies.

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