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E3: Paradise Pool (Left Bank)

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Beats and Pools
E3: Paradise Pool (Left Bank)
E3: Paradise Pool (Left Bank)

This pool is a bit more difficult to fish but has been fishing wonderfully in the last few seasons. It is deep and on the bottom are huge rocks! Below the fast water, at the drop in to E3 you will often find slack water in medium and lower water levels. Cast out, lift ones rod up and let the fly sink and swing around. If the line stops, start to strip in. Also casting out mending upstream and wading a few steps down stream is an effective method. In E3 one does not need to wade far in at all. It catches fish and here you should use at least a sink 2/3 (even in lower water conditions) or even heavier lines and also bigger flies. Again here, the fly should come close to the bottom towards the end of your drift- that way you know you are fishing deep enough.

E3: Paradise Pool Instructions

Because of the nature of the riverbed of this pool, one will often loose flies in the end of the drift, but that's the way it is and it catches fish! Also, the lower part of the beat fishes well all the way down to the border of the beat below, the Kregnes beat. So one should fish this pool all the way downstream, as here you have a chance to catch a big fish. We are sure that this beat will bring some of the biggest fish during the coming seasons. It may not be as pleasant to fish as E1 or E2 but it can be very effective. Especially during the last season E3 was as good as the E1 and E2 so it seems to be changing positively.

Attention: There are some little clay patches, be careful while wading as it is slippery. Otherwise you could take a spill, but do not worry if it’s happen, you wouldn't be the first one!

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