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E5: Statshølen & Paradise Pool (Right Bank)

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E5: Statshølen & Paradise Pool (Right Bank)
E5: Statshølen & Paradise Pool (Right Bank)

Often a good idea to fish E5 straight after fishing E4 because it is most likely free for all and E5 is a good spot in lower water. It is opposite of E3 and is a good holding spot for big fish and in lower water levels always worth it to give it a go. The fishing is not easy because walking on big rocks makes following a fish quickly a bit difficult, but it is very deep and huge rocks create nice holding spots on the bottom. It is time that E5 gets explored a bit more, our staff and some regulars are very optimistic that this spot will provide us with some big fish in the coming seasons. We guess the best lines are all kinds of heavier sinking lines, try it out and report back!


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