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E7: Fornes Øyen (Lower)

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Beats and Pools
E7: Fornes Øyen (Lower)
E7: Fornes Øyen (Lower)

(from the right bank) starts where we will have a border sign (a post or marker) on the bank. Due to high water one might need to cross a side channel to get onto the gravel bank. The beat will fish well from the corner where the water flows into the lower pool (border sign on the bank) all the way down to the lower border, which is 30-40 meters above the Bridge. The water flow is steady and fish will certainly stop briefly before moving upstream. In high water fish will lie very close to the bank, so we assume deep wading is not necessary. As the water drops, one should try to fish close to the other bank. Try to get a good swing into your fly to speed it up. The beat will fish similar to E1 or E2. In low water even a try from the high bank (left bank might be an option, we have to find out!)

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