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F1: Railway Pool

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Beats and Pools
F1: Railway Pool
F1: Railway Pool

This beat is located below Long Pool (Beat C1). Generally, this pool is for experienced anglers who are able to left-hand spey or underhand cast. One will be fishing from a steep rock bank – so one needs to be physically fit to fish it properly as one will have to “climb” through the rocky bank. The pool fishes well in medium and lower water levels, in high water the water is too fast from the high bank. This pool is always free for all and can be fished by anyone at NFC at any time. Please fish in harmony with the other bank – normally, one will not disturb one another, but make sure to be friendly and polite please.

F1: Railway Pool Instructions

Fishing in High Water Levels:

In high water levels above 115m³ the beat usually does not fish well. Maybe just below the powerlines, a few meters down stream to the parking place for beat F1 and C1, it will be worth a few casts with heavy sinking lines.

In Medium Water  (below 115 m³ to 60 m3 at Gaulfossen):

At this level the pool fishes well all the way through, depending on the water height, one can begin higher up or lower down. The more productive part seems to be, quite predicatably, near the powerlines (what is it about these powrelines?). The pool fishes well down to the parking area, maybe even a bit further down, but that is where it begins getting too difficult to walk on the rocks and the line does not swing nicely anymore. Fish the pool with medium sinking lines or floating lines with sink tips, intermediate lines work as well depending on conditions. One usually always see fish showing in the pool as it is a holding spot. Be careful walking on the rocks, it is at ones own risk as quite a few people have taken a "dip"  there while fishing, so please watch your step!


In Low Water: (below 60m³):

In low levels Railway becomes more and more interesting. Just below where the pool C1 ends and flows into Railway is usually a good low water spot. The lower part, where the powerlines are, may get too slow now, but with a stripped line and, for example, a Sunray Shadow it's worth giving it a try! It is a good idea if one has Long Pool (Beat C1) in the rotation to fish Railway on the way back. Make sure to be silent when walking upstream again to fish it a second time, or in case one sees other fishermen fishing or coming, to prevent spooking the fish.

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