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M1: Rogstadmoen Pool (Lodge Pool)

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M1: Rogstadmoen Pool (Lodge Pool)
M1: Rogstadmoen Pool (Lodge Pool)

The "Lodge Pool" is located just below the new NFC headquarters at Rogstadmoen farm, we are excited to integrate this beautiful water into our rotation.

However, this makes writing a a detailed description of “how to fish it” a bit difficult. This is something we all need to explore together and everyones help would be very much appreciated. Questions such as: Where are the taking spots? Where are big boulders/rocks? Where are the holding lies? Due to our experience on the river we can say it is surely a great high water pool, but it also seems to have interesting spots for medium and lower levels. Lastly, it is by far one of the most beautiful spots in the middle reaches of the Gaula - a place where you can truly relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the Gauldal Valley and who knows, maybe the spot where we hook a lot of big fish in the years to come! 

At the lodge we will also be having our weekly barbecues and try to coordinate that with the Lodge Pool as a free for all. That way anyone can enjoy a cast or two while in the company of our other guests and a delicious riverside meal.

M: Rogstadmoen Pool Instructions

 Fishing in High Water Levels: 

In higher water levels, above 100 m³ at Gaulfossen, the whole main pool fishes well. Just below the lodge one can follow the path down to the river. Start to fish just above the shelter, right at the top of the curve. The pool is relatively deep so fish with medium to slow sinking lines in the upper part. Depending on the water height, one might need to change and fish a bit lighter. The pool is a holding pool and will surely house fish the entire season as soon as fish have passed the Gaulfossen. Flies in higher water should be as usual- big and bright (big and dark at night), depending on the water color, you might want to try different colors.

In Medium Water Levels (below 100 m³ down to 60 m³ at Gaulfossen):

The water will have a slower speed now in the upper part and speeds up in the belly of the pool where it gets shallower. In the lower part of the pool a little bit above the Granøyen Bridge there is a deep pocket in the middle of the river which is supposed to be a good spot. We have to try it! Otherwise fish the pool as in high water just with lighter lines such as floating or floating with a sink tip, intermediate or very slow sinking line. If the water gets too slow, start stripping the fly - this is surely an effective method as it is in other slower pools on the river. As mentioned, the pool is a holding pool, so take time to try different tactics to make resting fish take. 

In Low Water Levels (below 60 m³ at Gaulfossen):

One might give it a try in the very upper part (above the lodge from the higher bank or in the very lower part, as the middle part might be too slow) with a stripped fly. You have a good chance for a take here. The upper part, just below the lodge and upstream, might be good in lower water, but the casting is difficult. It is right-hand spey casting, so it should be ok for most fishermen. In lower water the river is clear, so make sure you are quiet and try not to splash too much - otherwise the fish will be spooked by the line. We recommend fishing it during the less bright periods on the day. The last hours of the day, the night (in July) or the early mornings are the best option in lower water, but as well any cloudy days should be alright.

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