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New Ownership and Management

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New Ownership and Management
New Ownership and Management

In June 2011, while fishing the same NFC beat rotation, Per Arneberg and Enrico Cristiani met and began to fulfill a shared lifelong dream of running a flyfishing operation. This chance meeting brought about a new and invigorating change of ownership and management to the Norwegian Flyfishers Club. 

Both men have been avid fishermen from a young age and between the two of them they have fished the Gaula for 20+ years, as well as many of the finest flyfishing rivers of Norway, Scotland, Russia, Iceland and the United States. It was perhaps inevitable that with their passion for flyfishing and healthy entrepreneurial spirits, that in just a short week, the two were already discussing the idea of one day jointly owning and operating a fishing operation such as NFC. Little did they imagine that during that same week an exploratory conversation with the chairman and owner of NFC, Manfred Raguse, would turn their dream into a reality less than a year later.

On June 1, 2012, at the start of the fishing season, Per Arneberg overtook the ownership, and Enrico Cristiani the management of Norwegian Flyfishers Club. As the new NFC management team, Per and Enrico have exciting plans for the future operation that will include continuing NFC’s important 20+ years of salmon conservation projects and activities that has turned the Gaula into one of the finest places to fish for wild Atlantic salmon in Norway today.

Per and Enrico would like to recognize Manfred’s accomplishments in founding and developing NFC into a great operation and also would like to thank all of NFC’s loyal clientele for their contributions over the last 25 years in making the Norwegian Flyfishers Club the world-class destination it is today. Their hope is to continue to develop NFC from into one of the premier flyfishing destinations for Atlantic salmon in Norway. Daniel Stephan, who has worked with NFC for over 6 seasons, will continue on as part of the new NFC management team serving as our assistant manager.

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