Guiding at C1
Guiding on the NFC Beats
Fisherman and Guide

Guides, while not required, are recommended for all first-time visitors to the NFC. Because the Gaula is a wide, untamed river with frequently changing conditions, the best way to maximize your chances of catching a fish is to employ a guide. Whether you like having a guide only for the first day or two to introduce you to the river and how each pool fishes, or for a full week, we are happy to meet your needs. Our guides are some of the most experienced in the industry and have an intimate knowledge of not only the Gaula River and its ecology but of salmon behavior and proper gear selection.

Our guides will help with numerous aspects such as:

  • Recommending how to fish a specific pool
  • Helping set up gear (including rigging rods, selecting the right line/leader/fly for the specific conditions, etc.)
  • Casting instruction and improving casting technique, to providing picnic lunches or dinner and hot beverages along the riverside.

Guiding happens 8 hours a day and the hours of guiding can be discussed and decided upon arrival between clients and their guide depending on river conditions and rotation schedule. Our guides always work hard to help their clients catch fish and will very often, upon agreement, guide for more than 8 hours a day, but please take that into consideration in the guideā€™s gratuity.