Alex Casting G1

Following the Gaula River regulations, NFC operates a 24-hour a day fishing rotation. This rotation is broken down into 6-hour sessions per beat and two fishermen fish each beat at a time. The Gaula is one of the last rivers which has not been built out for hydroelectric power- something which only adds to its natural beauty and the excitement of the fishing. This means the water level is invariably changing and conditions are constantly in flux. To accommodate for these regularly changing conditions, the NFC rotation has beats which fish well in all conditions. Whether it be high, medium or low water; below the Gaulfoss (which ensure good fishing in the early season), or above the Gaulfoss and in the tributaries. No matter what the present circumstances may be, each fisherman has equal opportunity to fish prime beats during thoe specific conditions within that 24-hour period. We recommend consulting with NFC staff or guides upon your arrival to maximize your fishing week in terms of prioritizing the most productive beats during that week.