The Gaula River

Spanning over 145 km from its headwaters in the high mountains near the village of Holtalen to where it joins the sea in the Trondheim Fjord. The Gaula is a wild and unregulated river which has never been built out for hydroelectric power. As such it has a constantly fluctuating water level which provides seasoned anglers with a varied and exciting fishing challenge. Second only to the Tana (which is over 10 times longer) in catch, the Gaula is one of the most consistently productive salmon rivers not only in Norway, but in the world.

The river supports healthy stocks of some of the largest Atlantic salmon in the world. Many of the fish in the Gaula average over 30 lbs. and some even over 40 lbs. In the early season, fish can average over 9kg (20 lbs). This is truly the river of dreams and a place to try for the “life of a lifetime”. Learn more about Gaula’s History.

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