At NFC we offer various accommodation options, including both single, double and suite rooms in the NFC Lodge. Our aim is to tailor your accommodation needs to each individual guest or group. Sunday welcome meetings will take place at the NFC lodge at Rogstadmoen and will include an informal welcome dinner.

Rogstadmoen Lodge

Rogstadmoen Lodge

For 2014, Norwegian Flyfishers Club is pleased to present its new lodge and welcome center. Located at Rogstadmoen farm (approximately 8km upstream from the village of Støren). This lodge will serve as the new central meeting point, dining facility, fly shop and bar for the NFC. We will offer lunch and dinner at the lodge. Both lunch and dinner will also be available as a river-picnic, which can either be picked up at the lodge or shuttled to the clients riverside.

From 2014 an additional accommodation wing will be added to the lodge. It will offer capacity for up to 14 fishermen in a variety of single, double rooms and suite as well as a wellness center with sauna and a massage room.

This new gathering point will allow NFC to provide guests with an all-around greater quality of service, and to help ensure the best possible fishing experience on the Gaula.

A view onto the new NFC Lodge with its new accommodation wing. The Lodge is located only a few kilometers upstream from Støren.

The Lodge Beat located at the new NFC Lodge provides an additional beat for our rotation. Its easy beach access and secluded riverside setting will make an excellent gathering place for club meetings, casting demonstrations and barbecues.

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At NFC, our aim is to provide an authentic Norwegian salmon fishing holiday with first-rate service. While a fishing holiday should focus on catching fish, in our minds, there are many other aspects that go into turning a simple week of fishing into a memory that will hopefully last a lifetime.

As dedicated fishermen we also know that there is a reason the old saying goes;

“That’s why it’s called fishing and not catching…”

The key being that a memorable fishing holiday often lies in not only the catch, but in all of the other components that come together to create a fun, exciting and friendly experience. Our goal is to make sure each one of our clients, no matter their experience level, leave the NFC and the Gaula with a deeper knowledge of the river, and the wild Atlantic salmon which we strive to protect as well as a sense of happiness and perhaps a new fishing friend or two! At NFC, our clients come first. If there is something extra we can do for you to make your stay more comfortable or enjoyable please just ask anyone on the NFC team and we will do whatever we can to fulfill your requests.