Beats E1 and E2

E Beats:

Generally, the E Beats fish well in all water levels, especially from the left bank! Many fishermen loose faith when the water gets off-colored. This does not have to be a bad thing because colored water makes fishing possible in very bright sunshine when other pools are not fishing that well anymore. On the other hand, the fishing in the darker periods is definitely better if the water is clear or not very colored.

The right bank beats E4 and E5 are different. Both of the beats are fishing best in lower water. It is difficult casting from a high bank over the left side.

The Beat E6 is double bank and fishes well in medium to low water. From a water level of 150 m³ on the Gaulfossen, we are allowed to fish the left bank as well.

The conditions are good as long as when one wades in one is able to see ones wading boots if one wade in just over your knees! It can be quite colored and it will still fish well! It is actually more the head of the fishermen telling “the fish cannot see my fly” and so on – but the salmon don’t mind – they still take flies, often very well! Don’t be irritated by colored or muddy water, just change to a bigger or brighter fly if the water is colored. Important to know is that the colors of the water can change very quickly, it can look “unfishable” one minutes and then 3 or 4 hours later the water is almost clear – we have experienced this many times over the past few seasons.

Charles with his big one from Beat E2
Charles with his big one from Beat E2