Junction Pool is a very short pool, but it can be very productive.

The pool changes quite a bit each year, as the gravel bars shift due to flooding and ice melt. The pool is quite short and right bank only, but in low and medium water levels it is worth a try. Generally, the lower the water gets, the better it is. We recommend fishing this beat at medium and lower water levels.


D2: Junction Pool Instructions

Fishing the Beat from the right bank (past Beat C1: Long Pool- upstream) is quite challenging. To reach and climbing down to the water is not easy- fishing this Beat is only for physical fit and adventurous anglers. You should talk to NFC staff or guides if you plan on fishing this Beat.

High water levels (above 90m³):

If the water level is above 90m³ on the Gaulfossen we do not to reccommend to fish this pool. The lower part can produce a fish, but it is simply too dangerouse because of the deep water and the strong current.

Medium water levels (90 m³ to 50 m³):

The water is still quite fast in this water level, but the pool gets better and better the lower it gets, so fish with sinking or floating lines with heavy sink tips (easy to mend). The best part is the middle and lower section.

Low water levels (below 50 m³):

This is when Junction really begins to fish its socks off! Start now just below the island, where the two river branches meet- as this is one of the hottest spots in the river at this water level!! Try to cast to the outer channel and mend the line upstream- trying to hold it a while in the middle. Try with floating lines then maybe change to sink tips and try different methods. Cast as close to the other bank as possible, fish often take in the first third of the swing.

Beat D2 Junction
Beat D2 Junction