Long Pool is one of our most beautiful pools.

Long pool changes drastically from year to year because of the large gravel bar which makes up one of its banks. Because of this, it is a bit more difficult to say where the taking spots are and which water levels are the best. It is important to know that the access to the pool is a 5-7 min walk along our F1: Railway Pool followed by a short walk close to the railroad tracks- where you have to pay close attention!


Caution! Keep your eyes and ears open for the train! When fishing in the late season in evening times, bring a flash light to find your way back. But don’t let the walk or railroad tracks deter you- this is fantastic fly water. Generally, when it is a sunny day, the afternoon and evening are better as the sun is not beating directly onto the water, and into the fish’s eyes. This is primarily just a medium and low water pool – in higher water the pool is too fast, and it is better to concentrate on other beats. In low water it can be one of our best!

C1: Long Pool Instructions

High water levels (above 90 m³):

There is one short spot near the top that is worth fishing. Just below the rapids coming down from Junction, the high water creates a kind of glassy mirror of about 20 meters which can be good from time to time. We do not recommend spending too much time there if the water is above 90m³ at Gaulfossen. But for fishermen moving quickly it’s worth giving it a try! We have had success there in higher water, but it has proven better in medium and lower levels. The pool really starts fishing well below 90 m³ at Gaulfossen and down to “dead” low water.

Medium water levels (90 m³ to 50 m³):

At medium water levels, the current is still quite fast, and it is worth trying heavier sinking lines or a floating line with a heavy sink tip. Start to fish the pool directly below the rapids coming in from Junction Pool. The neck can be a good taking spot, normally it always holds a few fish. Fish the pool all the way down, rather quickly, trying not to wade too deep, which will spook the fish. Only short casts are required, so wading is almost unnecessary in the upper part. The best section is typically the middle – on the opposite bank there is a gravel bank and a gap between the trees- this is the hot spot! Most fish are hooked in this area. Don’t overlook fishing all the way down into Railway Pool as fish can hold down through the tail and into the neck of Railway. Where the pool begins to widen and speed up again there are some rocks where fish hold for a short while and it is possible to hook them.

Low water levels (below 50 m³):

In low water, start fishing in the white water of the rapids – upstream from the river bend. The fly should start fishing right through the white water. – The pool is deep below the rapids, and there are always fish holding – especially in the later season. In low water one should fish a floating line and vary the sink tip or the weight of the fly. Smaller patterns are the best choice, often “shrimpy” patterns catch fish (in August). The other hot spots are the gravel bank on the other side. In low water fish the pool once and let it rest a while. The water is clear, and the fish are easily spooked, so try to wade as little as possible. One can fish the pool into Railway Pool below, as in medium water. The pool fishes best in levels below 60 m³ at Gaulfossen down to much lower levels, so low water (even to super low conditions) is excellent here!

End of August in Long Pool
End of August in Long Pool
Long Pool
Long Pool