This is the “heart” of the E Beats.

E2 fishes well in all water levels. Start fishing at the border between E1 and E2. If there is someone fishing E1 and about to reach the border to E2– please wait a moment, and do not drop in directly in front of them because you might destroy their “taking spot” and the chance of catching a fish. E2 is a long beat which holds fish well as they move upriver towards the Gaulfossen.


Caution! Make sure that you do not wade in too far, no deeper than over your knees. The fish are often very close, and one can easily scare them and destroy the pool. Be careful in higher water, as there are big rocks at the top of the beat that one might not see if the water is colored. In higher water, the top of the beat down to around the big shelter of the other side is the best fish holding area. Especially just below the big rock in the top of the beat is a very good spot where lots of fish have been caught!

E2: Statshølen Pool Instructions

High water levels (above 130 m³ to 400 m³):

In the first weeks of the season fish here with a medium-heavy sinking line (Sink 2/3), if you hit the bottom in the end of the drift you are fishing deep enough (if you never touch bottom, consider switching to a heavier line). In the lower part just about half way down there are two concrete blocks on the bank (may be underwater in very high conditions), this area is also a good taking spot. Remember to fish the line all the way around- to the dangle- as fish are often hooked up a straight line with the fly dangling.

Medium water levels (130 m³ down to 50 m³):

E2 fishes really nicely all the way through in medium water levels. Slow sinking lines or sink tips are the best choices. Salmon can be found throughout the entire stretch and are both holding as well as running through the pool. Fishing through at a quick pace to allow to fish the pool through numerous times in one session with different depth lines and a variety of flies is advised.

Low water levels (below 50 m³):

Low water can be quite interesting here as well. The hot spot tends to be below the big rocks at the head of the pool, so fish through the first 30 meters carefully. But one should fish all the way down, taking one cast then walking 3 to 5 meters between casts, as fish can always be intercepted running through the pool. Fish also hold in the area near the two concrete blocks, as well as the “V” in the tail out on the way down into E3.

Beats E1 and E2
Beats E1 and E2
Charles with his big one from Beat E2
Charles with his big one from Beat E2

Approximately 13.5kgs of pure silver, caught on Beat E2

E2 lower part and the top of E3
E2 lower part and the top of E3 in summer water level...
Midnight fishing at E2
Midnight fishing at E2