Granøyen is a double bank pool, directly below the lodge pool, and is a top holding pool throughout the season on the Gaula.

G1: Granøyen Pool Instructions

High water levels (above 130 m³):

In high water, fish the pool from the right gravel bank. The pool is easy to wade, and fishes well throughout its entire length- but make sure not to wade too deep- as fish can hold quite close to the bank. The higher the water, this pool fishes better in its second half, from the “corner” just below the shelter, and across from the hanging trees on the opposite bank, down to the tail.

Medium water levels (130 m³ down to 50 m³):

In medium water levels, continue to focus fishing efforts mostly to the right bank. Start just above the bridge and fish your way down to the lower border. The “hot spot” will still be from the hanging tree down to the lower border, but do not overlook the deep “pocket” above the bridge, which also holds fish before they move upstream. At this level, the left bank is also an option – but we recommend fishing the right bank first, as fishing the left bank can spook the fish holding close to the bank.

Low water (below 50 m³):

Granøyen continues to fish well down to quite low water levels. However, in lower water, the left bank becomes more and more interesting. It is a steep bank and wading can be challenging but it fishes well with a floating line with sink tips or intermediate line from just below the bridge to the bottom of the pool. Do not overlook the right bank pocket above the pool, as that will continue to hold fish in the more oxygenated water.