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Winters in Norway are so long – especially when you can’t wait for salmon season to begin! While some rivers in Scotland are already open, we are still deep into winter here in Norway. Lots of snow has been falling in the mountains lately, a good omen for water levels this summer. Yet the days are growing longer and the sun has finally returned to the valley – a clear sign our Norwegian summer season is coming closer. Just think, in three months we will be fishing our beloved Gaula again, including some exciting new water.

NFC adds new water

During the off season we have been working on some new fishing leases to upgrade our fishery. We are constantly striving to improve the NFC experience to provide our guests with the absolutely best chance to make their dream of catching a big Atlantic salmon come true .

The new Bua Water

Small Bua, big fish!

Towards the end of the 2019 season we were able to test fish our new Bua stretch. It’s quite a long stretch of roughly 1.5 km of water, composed of about 10 small pools (depending on water levels). Starting this season we will have the expanded Bua Beat in our rotation, which means all the new stretch, as well our long time leased Bua Bridge Pool. It’s a lot of water to fish in a 6 hour session as some pools are easier to get to than others. Imagine the thrill for those who hook a Gaula-sized salmon in such small water!

The “lower” Bua Bridge Pool – the first stop for the salmon running the Bua from the Gaula.

In our quest to constantly improve our water, we have rented some new water in the lower Gaula that just became available. We will have a new E6 and E7 Beat! The new E6 Beat will be located above the Kvål Bridge a few kilometers back upstream of the old E6 Beat. The lower part will hold fish, it’s a deep channel which should provide good fishing during most of the season. The upper part is a long neck with some rocks – we believe that this part especially in average or low water levels will be productive to fish when new fish are running!

The upper part of our new E6 Beat.

The lower Part of the new E6 Beat – a deep channel that certainly holds some big fish!

The new E7 Beat is a bit of an “unknown” place, which has not been on the market for a long time. At lower levels much of the beat should be wadable. At higher levels, it can be fished from the high bank. It’s a fairly long stretch with different spots we think good to hook some big June fish. There are also quite deep sections in the stretch, so it should also hold fish. Late in the season we believe it will be a excellent holding pool for big fish!

Our new E7 Beat in higher water levels.

A late fall picture of the new E7 Beat.

We are looking forward to fish the new water, which is a bit below our E3 Beat closer to the river mouth.

Available Openings for 2020 – August Special Offer

Last but not least, we have some availability for the coming season. Several rods are available for the two opening weeks 1st of June to 14th of June, some spots in week 30 (19th to 26th of July) and then for much of August. August fishing is almost always underrated, but can be as good and sometimes better than any prime week, and is great value. It’s a great chance to fish our exclusive rotation and enjoy our Lodge for less! Just respond to this email, book one of the mentioned weeks or August, and receive a 10% discount, whether you chose Lodge or country house accommodations.

June – Big Water, Big Fish
June 1 – 7
June 7 – 14
July – Prime Time
July 19 – 26
Email or Call us for Availability and Our Special August Offer!
We hope you enjoyed our longer news this time. If you haven’t booked yet, please get in touch with us and we’ll try our best to fit you in! With our new water, we can’t wait for the coming 2020 salmon season. Please come join us!
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