By: NFC Team On: December 23, 2020 In: Weekly Update
Happy Holidays!
While we are planning for a renewed travel season in 2021, we hope all our friends and guests are staying safe, and enjoying the holidays with their families. Our fingers are crossed that the world will be a much safer place to travel in 2021, and the widespread introduction of a vaccine will help return the fishing world to happier days. We hope by next summer we will be sitting by the fireplace, telling stories of big Gaula salmon, and enjoying each other’s company.

Henrik Mortensen with his biggest “Dry Fly” salmon at NFC – what a fish – 16kg (35lb).!

It goes without saying that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in the history of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club. The global pandemic and travel restrictions meant a very reduced number of visitors, as our lodge never opened for the season. However, many new and repeat Norwegian friends were able to take advantage of the NFC water, which produced some amazing catches. Later, when other European visitors could come and fish, they were pleasantly surprised by the success of dry fly fishing with single and double handed rods, opening up a new technique for many anglers. Look for more about this in the future, or email us your questions directly.

Eirik Fjelldal with the biggest fish at NFC 2020 – what a fish from Beat B2.

While most of our prime weeks are fully booked for 2021, we do have some very good fishing still available in June and July/August.
For those anglers looking only for the largest and brightest salmon that swim the Gaula, early June is a great time to fish the river. Yes, early season usually means high water, big rods and sinking lines, but there’s always the chance of hooking one of the Gaula Giants! Only the biggest and strongest fish can ascend the Gaula in June, making it ideal for those anglers who relish this kind of challenge.
Bright big June salmon.
As we mentioned above, the lower water levels of August are ideal for dry fly fishing. If you are familiar with dry fly fishing Canadian-style bombers, or just prefer using a single handed rod, late July and August is perfect for you. The excitement of watching a salmon take a dry fly will have you coming back for more!
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