By: NFC Team On: February 17, 2021 In: Weekly Update

Like many of our salmon chasing friends, we find ourselves still stuck at home, tying flies, sorting gear and wondering when we will be free to fish and enjoy the company of our friends and family with no restraints.  While it may not happen tomorrow, there is a renewed optimism that the world will be much more open by this summer.

NFC – Lodge waiting for our guests.

We know that many of our friends and guests are as anxious as we are to return to Norway.  Interest in fishing the Gaula in strong for this season, but there is still some uncertainty as we all wait and watch the continued rollout of vaccinations around the world, as well as tracking the ever-changing travel requirements for each country.   And while we monitor the situation closely, what we can tell from the Norwegian media and our optimism encourages us to prepare for a full summer of fishing at the Norwegian Flyfishers Club and the Gaula River.

Crystal clear water and big fish – that’s what we are looking for!

2020 was a productive spawning year on the Gaula, and a good sign for the future of the river. While the 2020 season was not a big fish year, it was, for those who were able to fish with us, a good year once the high water receded, and the fish moved up river.  Due to the increased number of grilse we saw in 2020, we have high hopes for an excellent return of medium-sized salmon as well as some large salmon.  Saying that, we believe that the 2021 is going to be a great fishing season on the Gaula and we hope we will see many of you join us, and finally get back to Norway and fish!

Norwegian nights, bright and beautiful.

Because of 2020’s unusual and limited season for international travelers, we rolled over many of the 2020 bookings into 2021, so most of our prime weeks are fully booked. But especially during the early and late season we do have space available. While early season may still be questionable in terms of travel and regulations, we have confidence that Norway will be open, and we will have last-minute availability for those wanting a crack at the seasons largest, freshest fish in early June.

And while August has always been seen as challenging fishing, we have gained new experience and understanding that the backend of the season can be quite productive when fished with the proper techniques.

Because of the vaccine rollout, and the travel regulations, we think that August might be very attractive this coming summer.

Last season we experimented quite successfully with dry flies, riffle hitches, and single-handed rods.  To make it even more appealing, August features moderate prices and maybe fishing as good as prime time!

Gaula salmon – such amazing creatures.

Early season might be great for those guys looking for the challenge of big bright fish. The Gaula often offers fantastic fishing very early in the season. Every season some extraordinary fish are caught during this period and we can highly recommend to give it a try for the experienced angler – these big bright fish in high water have so much power and simply look stunning!

Our E-Beats – a great spot during the early season.

We all know things are quite uncertain at this point, but if you do want to plan a trip for the summer, we will try to be flexible, and work closely to make it possible.  We strongly encourage you to look at travel insurance, and explore the various options they offer to protect yourself from any unexpected changes to your travel plans.

There are currently challenges to travel these days, but we are convinced that travel will get easier as summer approaches.  We would be happy to try and help you plan your fishing holiday, and secure a rod for 2021 if you have not yet done so. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to connect you with a Gaula salmon!


The Norwegian Flyfishers Club Team