Olivier with a nice salmon
By: NFC Team On: May 21, 2015 In: Weekly Update

The NFC team is back in the Gaula valley and busy preparing for the coming months. We are very excited about the coming season on the Gaula and at our NFC Lodge, and are looking forward to welcoming all of you here in the coming weeks  – good to know many well-known faces will be back – like every year!

Beat B1

Beat B1 (Langøy) this morning – it looks so fishy already!

The salmon season on the Gaula is now less than 2 weeks away.  The springtime in Norway started off slower than last year, closer to a  “normal” spring with temperatures around 12 °C lately and a steady long-term weather forecast. This means the snow will not disappear too quickly, but rather melt slowly which should provide us with medium water levels for the start week and decent water temperatures for this time of the season. After last years remarkably warm summer, with little rain and low flows, we are hoping for and looking forward to a more average Gaula summer.

Of course we have to be carefully optimistic, after a mediocre season like 2014 – but from data gathered, local scientists expect a better season than the last one!

We are very exited to see how the season kicks off. Salmon have already been running the lower river already– and have been seen showing in the Gaulfossen Pool!

Will we see some fish showing when preparing the beats these days like we did in some seasons before? We hope so! It is always a very exiting time the last days before the season commences!

Due to the expected conditions for the season start we are hopeful to have fish running the whole system quite early. Even on our middle section beats and close to our lodge, (which, by the way, still has space in the early weeks of June and from late July onwards for anyone interested in last minute booking.)

There was more snow than last winter but still it is not much, rather on the meagre side, meaning we should not have any extremely high water conditions and with a normal run we should have fish spread out in the river from the first week of June.

Olivier with a nice salmon

Olivier with a nice salmon from June 2nd 2014.

As always, there is still plenty of last minute work to be done to get ready for the opening, but we will be ready on May 31st to welcome our guests!

Some weeks are fully booked or close to being fully booked, others still have some openings – so if you have not decided yet or have been waiting to see how the season develops before booking, we are here to say that the forecast is looking good.

Please contact us at any time and we will try to accommodate you for your preferred week– we will do our best to work out something that will suit you.

In addition, remember that we are offering in the first two weeks of June (weeks 23 and 24), discounts of 20%. These weeks are getting more interesting by the day due to the expected conditions.   

We will keep you posted!


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