By: NFC Team On: December 21, 2018 In: Weekly Update

As we all prepare for this special time of year with family and friends, and lots to celebrate, we wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

In Norway, after a couple of cold weeks the winter is finally creeping into the Gaula valley, with temperature well below zero. Very soon, the Gaula will freeze over for the winter,

and the dark Norwegian winter nights will continue until the warming days of Spring.


A view from the Kvål Bridge – in the background are our Beats E1a and E1 – this is how it looks in December.

The NFC Lodge is hibernating, warm and cozy, in a blanket of snow. The sunlight will not hit its roofs until March at the earliest, when the valley begins to awaken again, and all of us salmon anglers know that is the signal that we will all start dreaming about the summer at the river, the bright light, sun almost 24 hrs and swinging flies in our beautiful Gaula once again.

But with Christmas and New Year ahead we are already a good stretch through the off season – and in only 6 months we will be back – starting the next season on June 1st 2019!

We hope that many of you will join us on the Gaula, and be a part of it. While most weeks are completely booked we do still have a few prime spots still available. But there are also a few shoulder weeks with more vacancy.  Week 24 (9th to 16th of June), is usually one of those big fish weeks – and we would like to offer all of you a 10% holiday season discount – if you book before January 6th.

We do also have some great spots available in the backend of the season, and if you contact us now, we are happy to extend some holiday discounts there as well.


Manuel Plösser with an early season salmon from our E-Beats. We are hopeful that many of the 2019 salmon will be large, multiple sea-winter fish.

With all of the medium sized salmon we caught in 2018, we are hopeful for a “big salmon” season in 2019, with lots of 30, 40 and maybe even 50lb fish tugging at our flies.

And while we cannot predict the weather, if one thing is for sure, the Gaula is a wild creature, and with a little luck, we should have a good early season, with high water, lots of big fish,

and good fishing throughout the season!

The scenery at our Gaula river in the summer  – just beautiful. (ph:Matt Harris)

We already cannot wait to get back to the Gaula in the spring, but now are looking forward to some happy time with our families over the next couple of weeks.

We from the Norwegian Flyfishers Club team would like to wish you all a great holiday season and all the best for 2019!

We will keep you updated on Facebook and Instagram and of course here on the website.


Your team at the

Norwegian Flyfishers Club