By: NFC Team On: June 1, 2015 In: Week 21, Weekly Update

By noon on the opening day of the season, we have already landed two fresh salmon!

Jean-Luc Verstraeten

Jean-Luc Verstraeten with the first fish from NFC waters!

The last days before the season start were cold and wet with lots of rainfall, especially the last 24 hours before the start. This meant that we started off with very high water of approximately 361 m³ at the Gaulfossen gauge at midnight. Luckily the water dropped quickly overnight, so that Jean-Luc Verstraeten was able to land the first salmon of the season on NFC waters about 5.00 AM on our Beat L1 in Lundamo. It was a beautiful silver fish measuring 97 cm and weighing 8.5 kg.

With a high water level and a temperature just around 5 °C, it makes for challenging opening fishing conditions. Remarkably it seems as though a number of fish have already entered into the river system, as the opening day catches are quite good.

By midday on the 1st of June we already had our second fish of the season caught and released by our regular guest, Olivier Plasseraud. Olivier estimated his fish to weigh approximately 9kg and measuring 97cm. Olivier was able to release his fish, as it was well hooked and an easy and quick release.

Olivier with his fish approx. 9kg

Olivier with his fish approx. 9kg

Olivier releasing his fish

Olivier releasing his fish with a big smile – great!

We are really glad the season started off this well. With the river now dropping we are looking very much forward to the days to come.

P.S. – As we are reporting this to you, we just received reports that our first-time guest and salmon angler, Mark Henjum, was able to land a beautiful 7 kg. bright fish – congrats Mark!!

(Photos of Mark’s fish will follow in the upcoming post)