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We finally made it through the tough winter months, everyone can’t await the spring to arrive. In Norway things taking always a bit longer, but still the day light returned, the sun is reflecting on the snow , signs of life in the valley. A clear sign the next season is on it’s way! Well, if one looks on the calendar it’s just 2 months and 1 week until we will swing flies again on our beautiful stretches of the Gaula – we will be starting on 1st of June midnight!

Oliver with a fantastic cock fish from the first week of June.

The snow situation in the Gaula valley and in most parts of Norway is what you would consider to call “normal”. But it is always hard to predict anything before Mid-April, snow can fall very late and as well a heatwave like last year during May can be a “game-changer”. But we must admit that we could not wishing for anything more than having a “normal” season after this draught 2018 – as things look now, we certainly can have hopes!

Talking enough about possible conditions, what about the fish to expect: well, the great number of medium sized salmon in 2018 are usually a sign for a big-fish year to follow , so that is another hope we have to come true and we believe there is quite good chance we will see good number of large salmon starting entering the river in a some weeks time!

Most of our bookings for the 2019 have been taking place during the cold winter months, but still we have some openings during the first weeks, some very few prime time spots and some open rods in August. Especially with he background of the possible big fish year the early June weeks might be very interesting for the experienced angler. And we should not forget the always under rated August.  Last season, after the water returned, the Gaula proved once more to offer superb fishing in the late season. We simply could not have asked for more! Fishing in August is less costly and if you hit it right it can be as good as the best prime time weeks – maybe even better!

One of the massive August salmon from the 2018 season – those fish are angry and put up a great fight!

If you haven’t decided yet any fishing for 2019, maybe it can be great decision to come to the Gaula and fish with us – we are super exited about 2019 and we can’t wait the new season to begin.

You can drop us an Email, or if you want to talk to us personally we will be on the EWF Flyfishing Fair.

APRIL 6 and 7 – 2019:

EWF – Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen

in Fürstenfeldtbrück (near Munich)

It would be great to see some of you during the show, its always nice to see the “excitement”  in the eyes of the fishermen at those fishing shows in spring with knowing the season is around the corner.

We will keep you updated on the weather and snow situation here on the website and as usual you will see latest news and infos on our Social media platforms.

We just can say – the 2019 season is on its way and we are looking forward to another great season with you and hopefully combined with many big bright Gaula salmon.


your team of the

Norwegian Flyfishers Club



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